Publication Ethics Policy

Publication Ethics Policy for the Journal of Modern Computing and Engineering Research (JMCER)

As a reputable scholarly journal, the Journal of Modern Computing and Engineering Research (JMCER) is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in the publication process. We expect that all parties involved in the publishing process, including authors, editors, peer reviewers, and journal staff, adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

  1. Open Access Model: JMCER follows a fully open-access model, meaning that all articles published in the journal are freely available to the global research community and the public immediately upon publication. There are no subscription fees, paywalls, or any other access barriers, allowing everyone to read, download, share, and reuse the published content without any restrictions.
  2. Author Retention of Copyright: Authors who publish their work in JMCER retain the copyright to their articles. We believe that authors should have the right to control the distribution of their research, and by retaining the copyright, authors can freely share their work in any manner they wish, including on personal websites, institutional repositories, and other platforms.
  3. Licensing and Reuse: To promote further dissemination and collaboration, all articles published in JMCER are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). This license allows others to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the published work, even for commercial purposes, provided they give appropriate credit to the original authors and source.
  4. Rigorous Peer Review: JMCER upholds the highest standards of scholarly publishing by employing a rigorous and transparent peer review process. All submitted manuscripts are subject to evaluation by experts in the relevant field, ensuring the quality and validity of published research.
  5. Archiving and Preservation: JMCER is committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of all published content. We collaborate with reputable digital archives and repositories to ensure the continued availability of articles, making them accessible to future generations of researchers.
  6. No Article Processing Charges (APCs): To eliminate financial barriers for authors, JMCER does not impose any Article Processing Charges (APCs) or submission fees. Authors are not required to pay any fees to publish their work in our journal.
  7. Transparency and Editorial Independence: JMCER maintains editorial independence, ensuring that publishing decisions are based solely on the merit, significance, and validity of the research. We are committed to transparent editorial practices and ethical publishing standards.
  8. Promotion of Open Science: JMCER encourages authors to make their data, code, and supplementary materials openly available whenever possible. We believe that open science practices enhance research reproducibility and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

By adhering to these publication ethics policies, the Journal of Modern Computing and Engineering Research (JMCER) aims to maintain the integrity and credibility of published research and to uphold the principles of ethical publishing within the academic community.