Title: Journal of Modern Computing and Engineering Research (JMCER)

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Basil M. Saied

ISSN: 2958-0021

Access Availability:  Full Open-Access journal

Sponsored by : Qaf Laboratory

Official Language: English

First Volume: 2022

Publishing Frequency: Open Volume (One Volume Per Year)

Review Strategy: Double-blind peer review 

Publication Fees: Free of charge (No fees)

Processing Fees: Free of charge (No fees)

Review Speed: depends on reviewers’ responses (2-6 Weeks)

Publishing Speed: Once the manuscript revised and approved by the Editor-in-Chief

Publisher: Qaf Laboratory (QAF Lab)

About the Publisher

Publisher Address: Al-Zirai Street 41002, Mosul, IRAQ
Publisher Contact Information:
Phones: +964 771 767 6663 / +964 750 269 7575